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Company Information

Japanese Company name HANA21株式会社
English Company name HANA21 Co.,Ltd
Silk Center 1007, Yamashitacho 1, Nakaku, Yokohama, JAPAN 231-0023

Silk Center
(site of former British first mansion)

After Treaty of Amity and Commerce between the United States and the Empire of Japan in 1858,
The first foreign company was established here by Jardine Matheson.
Closest station Minatomirai Line 「Nihonodori」station
Access Exit 3 of Nihonodori station (3 min walk)
Direct from Shibuya station (approximately 38 mins)
One transit from Yokohama station from Tokyo station by JR Tokaido Line (approx. 39 mins)
One transit from Yokohama station from Fujisawa station by JR Shonan Shinjyuku Line (approx. 35 mins)
Email info@hana21.net
Real estate license No. Kanagawa prefecture Governor (1) ordinal 31469 issue
Certified General Travel Services Manager 26-1698
Representative name 趙 敏成 MinSung Cho 조민성
Representative profile
・Fluent in Japanese, English and Korean
・Licensed Real Estate Broker
・Certified General Travel Services Manager

Started career at a medical trading company and then worked at AIG, Lasalle Investment and Tokyu Group in the real estate industry. Gained experience in investment, development, asset management, disposition, domestic & international brokerage.

Boutique international services firm, utilizing real estate and travel credentials and experience.
Advisor to two DX ventures in real estate tech and hospitality tech.
Activity Yokohama Tourist Convention Bureau

In Japanese, means 「花 flower」and「華 hana」 means light and prosperity
Easter Island, famous for its moai statues, it means「love
in Arabic, it means 「happiness」 or 「happy
Okinawan (Ryukyuan), it means 「reward
in Hawaiian, it means 「creation
It means 「one」 in Korean.


Deliver happiness to each one another through HANA21!